This web portal exists as a collection of resources for students (and parents) to find their way through the wonderful world of computer programming. Our goal is to give students the resources and help they need in order to work on projects on their own.

To achieve this, we’ve broken up this portal into three categories:

  1. Beginner: You don’t know what you don’t know. We will offer clear tutorials that teach the basics of computer programming. Although we may choose one language, the concepts learned here apply to most, if not all languages.
  2. Intermediate: Now that you know the basics, we’ve collected a list of tutorials and projects that we think will help you grow and explore this world.
  3. Expert: Wow! You’re ready to learn the hard stuff, like development practices, web frameworks, and data structures.

Additionally, all of our tutorials are tagged, giving them topics you can search for. This makes it easy to find the activities that interest you.

To get started, see a volunteer so we can get you a tracking sheet, then simply visit any of the links in the top right corner of this page.